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You have rights.

Companies have responsibilities.

Harassment in the workplace is a violation of your Human Rights. It can happen in any workplace or organization, even yours. Every company is responsible and can be held legally accountable if there is harassment in the workplace.

There are many kinds of harassment you should know about, including:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racial Harassment
  • Religious Harassment
  • Undermining Discrimination
  • Unwanted touching
  • Offensive jokes or comments
  • Offensive pictures or cartoons

Harassment can create a poisoned work environment, and impact on productivity, employee satisfaction and the ability to recruit and retain superior employees. Harassment is one of the most expensive hidden costs to companies, not only because of the possible liability of the company in dealing with legal claims of employees who feel they are being harassed, but because good people will leave an organization where they or their colleagues are being harassed if management doesn’t respond.

Preferred Solutions can help protect your company and your employees, from both the exposure to possible claims of harassment against your company, and the creeping costs of a poisoned work environment.

Our four step program provides long term protection and value to the company.

Step One: A Workplace Audit and Policy review. Preferred Solutions visits the workplace and looks for potentially harassing or discriminatory materials, such as: postings on bulletin boards, photos or pinups on desks or locker rooms, cartoons, jokes, email that could be seen as offensive. We then review your existing policy on Harassment in the Workplace, to ensure you provide the correct information to employees and managers. We then recommend any needed changes and additions to protect the company from being unprepared for a Harassment claim.

Step Two: Training Management and Staff Most Harassment claims against companies result from managers ignoring employee complaints, or not knowing how to resolve them. Preferred Solutions will train your front line supervisors and managers as well as senior management and Board members about their responsibilities in providing a harassment free work environment. They should know how to take a complaint from an employee and what to do in response to ensure your company is practicing due diligence. Then Preferred Solutions trains employees about their responsibilities and to know what is and what is not harassment, and where to go if they have a complaint.

Step Three: Intervening in a Harassment Complaint Preferred Solutions highly skilled and experienced investigators will come to provide a third party, independent investigation of a harassment complaint, so that your company cannot be accused of internal bias. We tactfully conduct interviews and collect evidence to provide you with a confidential report of our findings and recommendations for resolving the complaint and getting people back to work.

Step Four: Mediation of Harassment Disputes Preferred Solutions Inc. are specialists in mediating the successful resolution of harassment complaints, where the parties can be satisfied and return to work. Providing a speedy, confidential and effective response to Harassment complaints is the best way to reduce costs to the company and preserve the dignity of employees.

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