Conflict Management

Helping people work together side by side.

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction in any organization. In today’s management environment, most managers say their most difficult task is to manage conflicts that develop as part of day-to-day operations. Many managers feel they lack the skill and training in this important managerial function. As a result, problems are put off or are not resolved, and the costs mount. There are also hidden costs of conflict including dissatisfied people, strained relationships, high stress and reduced productivity of all involved.

There is a Preferred Solution.

Preferred Solutions designs and implements Conflict Management Systems – giving organizations policies and procedures for dealing with conflict with the goal of ensuring a positive work environment. With a well designed Conflict Management System, conflict can be used to develop creative solutions that turn disputes into win/win situations for all involved.

Preferred Solutions Conflict Management Systems are custom-designed to meet the organization’s needs. Components of the program may include:

  • Policy Development
    A clear policy lets everyone know how the organization regards conflict, and the rights and expectations of all the parties involved in resolving disputes.
  • Skills Training
    Training in the skills used to resolve disputes, such as negotiation and mediation, gives people confidence in their ability to facilitate and resolve conflict situations.
  • Crisis Intervention
    Strategies Step-by-step procedures are put in place to resolve disputes as they arise. In addition, consultation with a professional Alternative Dispute Resolution resource is available to mediate conflicts that can intensify into costly disputes.