When conflict escalates nobody wins

When conflicts turn right and wrong into black and white, all too often the result is a costly legal battle where nobody wins. Now, there is a Preferred Solution.

Preferred Solutions Mediation is an important managerial tool to control and resolve conflict between individuals and departments within organizations, before they escalate. Preferred Solutions Mediation effectively transforms the destructive energy of conflict into a creative opportunity for resolution. By directing the energy away from individuals and toward a common goal, the either/or approach is replaced by the both/and approach. More and more companies are also turning to mediation to resolve conflicts with other organizations. In today’s global business environment, litigation takes a toll on relationships, often resulting in irreparable damage.

Preferred Solutions Mediation can preserve these important relationships by helping both parties work together to reach a resolution. Preferred Solutions offers custom-designed mediation programs to meet the needs of your organization, including policy development, training and education, and crisis intervention. Preferred Solutions also acts as an ongoing resource, offering man-agement consultation, monitoring, and program reviews throughout the process. With Preferred Solutions Mediation, your company can preserve productivity, time, costs, privacy, and relationships. Call today for more information on Preferred Solutions for your business.

Conflict is often a by-product of change. Preferred Solutions Mediation is an effective lubricant of change, helping ease the tensions which can result from changes in:

  • Roles
  • Culture
  • Authority
  • Purpose
  • Responsibilities
  • The need to meet new markets or market conditions.

A skilled, neutral third-party mediator is critical to the process. A Preferred Solutions mediator:

  • Avoids allocating blame or responsibility
  • Avoids reference to particular (assumed) causes or symptoms
  • Admits that certain issues may be difficult to resolve
  • Promises honesty and openness, and the opportunity for everyone to have their say.