Family Business

Families in business face unique issues that need to be resolved to ensure success. Planning for succession in business, working out family/business dynamics, trying to prepare for transition can all be stressful.

Preferred Solutions helps families in business in planning and implementing succession and family shareholder issues with specialized services:

Family Business Mediation

Where family members identify a dispute over roles, responsibilities, shareholder’s interests, and other concerns, mediation can resolve the dispute. A skilled Preferred Solutions mediator will conduct a mediation session and will guide the discussion toward a mutually agreed resolution, that will satisfy all the parties.

Mediation is discrete, fast and effective in resolving family business disputes. Your privacy is assured, and you always are in control of the outcome.

Facilitation for Family Councils and Board Meetings

A Preferred Solutions’ skilled facilitator is experienced in chairing meetings with family members where business issues are important. Having a skilled facilitator to guide the discussion can make the difference in a successful meeting, helping to get to important decisions, ensuring inclusive participation and consensus.

What is a Family Council?

A Family Council is a meeting with all adult members of the family, both those active in the business and not, for talking about family issues and concerns and how the business effects the family. Families use Family Council to help them talk together, share important information and come to decisions. Some things that families in business talk about are: shareholder responsibilities, elder care, family vacations, education of children, and plans for the family for the future.
It is also a good place to bring up issues that are creating family conflict and resolve them together through facilitated dialogue.

Contact us to ask us about your family business and how it would benefit from skilled help.